192.168 l 254

192.168.l.254 ip address enables you access your ADSL router. If you need to access your router without using a wire, the ip address code makes it possible.

How can I login to ?

To do that, you need to enter the address http://192.168.l.254 in your browser. You can manually type this or simply copy the address to your browser toolbar. The system will prompt you to enter your user name and password.

What if I enter the wrong password ?

In case you enter the wrong information, you won’t be given access. You will need to reset the system before you enter the password again. For that, you will need to press the reset button with a needle for a while (10-15 seconds). Once the device on the reset mode, you will be required to feed in the password information fresh.

What if I do not know my password ?

You will find a list of default modem passwords online. It should not be a problem to get one.

What if I don’t see router administration interface ?

In case you do not find router administration interface at the manufacturers have probably configured the router to use a different IP address. If you are using Wi-Fi network to connect to the device, try switching to wired connection to ensure there are no connectivity related issues.

It is a fairly easy process and you are not likely to encounter any major problem while using ip address for accessing the ADSL modem.


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